18K Double Sided Gold Cartouche

The 18K Gold Double-Sided Cartouche

It spells your name in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics on one side and english letters on the other side. The Cartouche, also known as REN, or name amulet, was a length of rope tied with a double knot at the end. The king or queen's name placed inside the rope represented their rule over the universe.

Small Cartouche 3-4 Symbols, 1 1/2" Long.

Medium Cartouche 4-5 Symbols, 1 3/4" Long.

Large Cartouche 6-8 Symbols, 2" Long.

Our 18K gold double sided cartouche pendant is handmade in Egypt with your name in hieroglyphics. When ordering your cartouche.

Gift-boxed with hieroglyphic chart included. Please type the name that you would like in the section next to your "Order" button.

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