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Gold Cartouche Jewelry
Each Cartouche from Egypt is solid 18K Gold, handcarved and crafted to order by skilled Egyptian cartouche artisans. A Cartouche was a loop of rope with a knot at one end. The cartouche was thought to represent the universe. The custom of writing the Pharaoh's name inside the Cartouches represented his rule over the universe Info. Page

Gold Filigree Cartouche Gold
Gold Cartouche Filigree

Jewelry Gold Necklaces
18K Cartouche Necklace

Gold Jewelry Pendants
18K Gold Cartouches

Cartouche Cartouche Pendant gold
Egyptian Cartouche Pendant 18k Gold

Cartouche Cartouche Pendant gold
Cartouche 18k Gold Double Sided Pendant

Cartouche gold pendant I love you Gold Jewelry
Gold I love You Cartouche Pendant

Cartouche Gold Pendant
Open Style Cartouche 18k Gold

Gold Cartouche Jewelry
Round Cartouche 18K Pendant

Cartouche Cartouche with Hooks Style 18K Gold
18K Cartouche

Lotus Cartouche gold jewelry
Filigree Cartouche 18K Gold

Cartouche Jewelry . com Gold Pendant
Filigree Cartouche 18k

Cartouche Jewelry . com gold Hieroglyphic Back Pendant
Gold Hieroglyphic Back Cartouche